Short-Term Health Insurance: Implications Of California Legislature Bans

It is already a done deal on the ban on short-term health insurance in California. The bill banning the short-term health insurance policy has already been passed by the California legislature.

The bill (SB910), championed by Senator Hernandez has been approved by the Senate and the Assembly. It will become law when signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

About Short-Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance offers cheaper options for people to access healthcare all across the US.

Currently, there are about 10, 000 people in California alone that are covered by a short-term health insurance policy.

Short-term health insurance offers cheaper options for people to access healthcare all across the US.

However, short-term health insurance plans do not give full cover for healthcare benefits that are required by the Affordable Care Act which include essential health benefits, preventive care, and protection for persons with other pre-existing medical condition.

Short-term health insurance plan, as a result, does not offer adequate medical treatment for people.

For instance, people suffering from chronic diseases like heart-related diseases and cancer won’t have access to medical treatment under the short-term health insurance plan.

The Implication Of The Ban By California State

Donald Trump

The short-term healthcare plan that saw the current Donald Trump’s administration favoring the plan finally concluded on extending the plan to cover 12 months.

This will be the new duration consumers can be on short-term plans from its initial three months period of the previous Obama administration.

It also goes to make some additions to the plan. Insurers are given the privilege of making the plan renewable for an upward of three years.

With states given powers to take charge of regulating their healthcare system, the Short-term health insurance ban placed by the California state implies that health plans that are not up to 12 months will be banned in the California state.

According to Hernandez, Trump’s administration is only working to cause more problems in the insurance market and putting the healthcare in California in jeopardy.