California Nearly Halves Its Maternal Death Rate

The rate of maternal death has continued to increase.

Not so much about the maternal death rate is talked about in the US. It can shock some to know what the record holds in America.

The rate of maternal death has continued to increase in The United States more than what obtains in other developed nations of the world.

According to the record put forward by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 18 out of every 100, 000 expectant women will lose their lives during childbirth.

This is a far cry from what its neighboring country Canada has on record which is 7 maternal deaths to 100, 000 births.

This situation is saddening more so because about 60% of maternal deaths in the US is actually preventable.

In the midst of this, California State stands out in the records. The state has recorded a tremendous feat in turning things around in their favor.

The Maternal Death Rate In California Before The Turnaround

The maternal death rate in California before the turnaround.

Before the great achievement in healthcare in California State, the record wasn’t as good as in other states in the US.

The California Pregnancy-Association Mortality Review (CA_PAMR) puts the maternity death rate in California at a high of 16.9 deaths for every 100, 000 births in the state in 2006.

This is also higher than the United States’ average of 13.3.

Today, California is rubbing shoulders with Canada’s 7 to 100, 000 ratios with 7.3 deaths in every 100, 000 births in the state.

This cuts the death rate to a good 55% reduction, a little above halve the original record.

What California Did To Turn Things Around?

Michael Kramer, Ph.D. of Emory University

First, the major causes of maternal death in the United States are an infection, hemorrhage, preeclampsia and chronic health situations such as mental health cases and heart diseases. According to Michael Kramer, Ph.D. of Emory University, the good thing is that the above diseases and health conditions are treatable.

This goes to say that changes can be made to the high mortality rate in the US. This is where California got it right to turn things around in their favor.

The simple approach of the California state is by addressing these conditions and the results have not failed to be positive in the sector.

California has enacted many policies to address these areas in pregnant women. Today, California now belongs to some of the states in the US with a very low maternal mortality rate in the country.

The California’s success story started by asking a question in 2006 on why women were dying during childbirth, according to Cathie Markow, the administrative director at the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC). This question led the way for the state to find a solution to the lingering healthcare problem of maternal mortality rate in California.

It all began with a way to get around the maternal mortality rate problem in the state.

Today, healthcare in California State has shown the roadmap to helping women survive childbirth. Every state in the US is working to copy the model presented by the state to tackle the menace that has long caused the death of many women who are responsible for giving life to the world.