Healthcare: Congress Decision May Affect Illegal Immigrant

The ObamaCare Bill

There has been a strong push by Trump’s administration to see an end to the popular ObamaCare bill. The fact that the current administration does not already have one on the ground as a replacement has caused things to drag on the replacement push.

The Senate’s vote to uphold the Obama’s Affordable Care Act is a welcome development in many quarters.

The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell is in the forefront of the proposition to repeal the ObamaCare bill. If the proposition goes through, the Republican Party is hoping to have a two-year wait to see a new bill comes through to replace the previous administration’s Affordable Care Act bill, often referred to as ObamaCare.

Two Republicans, Senators, Maine and Susan Collins were among those who stood against the proceedings.

With the move not going through, President Trump said he was happy with the result though expresses sadness for the two members of his party who voted against the motion.

Immigrants And Obamacare

Illegal immigrants are not covered in the bill.

Under the Affordable Care Act bill by President Obama ( Obamacare) illegal immigrants are not covered in the bill. The law is designed to provide affordable health insurance for low-income earners in the US but does not cater for undocumented immigrants.

This implies that they cannot benefit from the government healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid programs. They are equally not allowed to access credits to purchase health insurance via exchanges.

Illegal immigrants often turn to safety net or sanctuary clinics to find affordable healthcare services in existing Affordable Care Act bill. According to federal laws, hospitals are mandated to take care of such categories of people during emergencies even without health insurance coverage.

Whatever the case, the over 11 million illegal immigrants in the US still get medical help sometimes when they need to.

States are given more flexibility on health care services to this category of people. Some states in the current administration provide more healthcare services to undocumented immigrants.

California State And Undocumented Immigrants

David McCuan

Under the Trump’s administration, California is determined to be the first state in the US to provide health care coverage for undocumented adults in contrast to the federal administration’s move to hit hard on undocumented immigrants right from the borders.

The California state has maintained going with its policies regardless of the federal government’s intentions. This comes at a period when Trump’s administration is warming up to see a vote to repeal and replace the past administration’s policy on healthcare benefits.

Mr. Trump intensified his plans by meeting with conservatives from California at the White House to further sensitize the state on the need to see an end to its sanctuary policies that undocumented immigrants have as means to access affordable health care in California.

On the part of the Trump’s administration, it is worrisome to see the extension of Medicaid to low-income or poor adult immigrants who are not documented with the cost going as high as $3 billion yearly.

This move if successful is intended to give more relevance to the Republican Party in the state, said David McCuan, a political science professor and analyst at Sonoma State University.

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