Hospital Consolidation In California – Increasing Cost Of Healthcare

University of California Consolidation has a good motive behind it when an idea of such is conceived. The majority of companies that have merged in the past are today bigger and benefiting from the union. However, this sort of alliance can come with an extra cost to customers who patronize such organizations. For instance, the situation of consolidation of healthcare organizations in California is one that has led to a hike in prices when accessing health care in the state. A study jointly

What Prime Healthcare California Hospital Would Gain From National Recognition?

Prime Healthcare Prime Healthcare is a California-based healthcare service provider. The privately owned establishment continues to expand and currently has 45 acute-care hospitals in 14 states in the US. Excellence and quality performance is associated with the network and is recognized as one of America’s performing healthcare institution. Prime Healthcare community hospital network has grown to meet healthcare needs of the majority of Americans in a wide range of human endeavors and commitment. It is one of the largest hospital systems in America