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California Nearly Halves Its Maternal Death Rate

The rate of maternal death has continued to increase. Not so much about the maternal death rate is talked about in the US. It can shock some to know what the record holds in America. The rate of maternal death has continued to increase in The United States more than what obtains in other developed nations of the world. According to the record put forward by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 18 out of every 100, 000 expectant women will lose

Helping Kids In Disaster Situation: Exploring Biometric Fingerprinting Tool

University of California San Diego has given the world something to smile about. A chemical test that reveals the genetic makeup of a living organism including humans is the DNA fingerprinting. The result is useful to identify bodies, track blood relations and used as evidence in courts among other functions of the technology. Simply put, your fingerprint can reveal who you truly are. It only takes a scan to know who you are. The use of fingerprint technology has been a success

The Merger Between ICU Medical Healthcare And Smiths Collapse

Smith’s Group Plc, a British engineering company and its US-based counterpart, ICU Medical Inc. The merger was meant to result in a $9 billion-plus company but it never happened. This would have given a stronger boost to healthcare in California and the US if the deal has stood. Smith’s Group Plc, a British engineering company and its US-based counterpart, ICU Medical Inc. had been on a merger talks for a while now but it was announced sometime later that the deal failed to

Short-Term Health Insurance: Implications Of California Legislature Bans

It is already a done deal on the ban on short-term health insurance in California. The bill banning the short-term health insurance policy has already been passed by the California legislature. The bill (SB910), championed by Senator Hernandez has been approved by the Senate and the Assembly. It will become law when signed by Governor Jerry Brown. About Short-Term Health Insurance Short-term health insurance offers cheaper options for people to access healthcare all across the US. Currently, there are about 10, 000 people in

Hospital Consolidation In California – Increasing Cost Of Healthcare

University of California Consolidation has a good motive behind it when an idea of such is conceived. The majority of companies that have merged in the past are today bigger and benefiting from the union. However, this sort of alliance can come with an extra cost to customers who patronize such organizations. For instance, the situation of consolidation of healthcare organizations in California is one that has led to a hike in prices when accessing health care in the state. A study jointly

What Prime Healthcare California Hospital Would Gain From National Recognition?

Prime Healthcare Prime Healthcare is a California-based healthcare service provider. The privately owned establishment continues to expand and currently has 45 acute-care hospitals in 14 states in the US. Excellence and quality performance is associated with the network and is recognized as one of America’s performing healthcare institution. Prime Healthcare community hospital network has grown to meet healthcare needs of the majority of Americans in a wide range of human endeavors and commitment. It is one of the largest hospital systems in America