About Us

SNHM.org is a website dedicated to healthcare information about California State. Our website aims at providing readers useful healthcare digest that will help them get a better understanding of the healthcare system in California. We highlight from the minor health care problems to the most pressing needs of the state. Current news and happenings on healthcare in California is also our top priority and focus on the SNHM.org website. The California state is on the driver’s seat in some key areas of healthcare in the United States which readers and inhabitants should be informed about.

Our Belief

In life and at the workplace, healthcare is one of the major issues that play a major role in productivity to drive an economy. It is no longer news that the US healthcare system is lagging in some areas among developed nations. The challenge of giving adequate coverage on healthcare to every inhabitant of the nation regardless of immigration status is a big concern in the sector.

Through our website, we believe we can help people understand what is available for them in terms of healthcare if California State is their residence. We believe government policies should benefit the masses. It is our belief that through SNHM.org we can motivate and challenge stakeholders in the sector to only formulate policies that won’t compromise the health of the California people. In accordance with what we strongly hold to, it is interesting to know that the California state is championing a good course in some key areas of healthcare in the US.

We believe that affordable health care in California should be accessible to everyone. This is crucial to the development of any country with lowering on the standard of delivery.

Our Heritage

Those before us in healthcare advocacy have given us a platform to keep the fight going. We, therefore, must not fail to deliver in our terms to serve the people with adequate information on healthcare in California.

Affordable healthcare is what the average American voted for and wants the government should make available for all. From the past administrators even until the current, the demand remains the same. We also advocate the same too because adequate health care should come before anything. We believe Americans deserve to have the best from the health sector of which the government is a major stakeholder.

We, therefore, call on the private bodies, non-governmental organizations and the society at large to keep the push towards achieving a better healthcare in California and other states of the US, it is a legacy all must stand to protect.

Our Mission

At SNHM.org our commitment is total to healthcare in California and ready to make the necessary information available to our readers. We stand to serve everyone interested in the health care system in California to have a full grasp of what is on the ground in the state.

We take it as a responsibility to encourage policies that will benefit the people living in California through SNHM.org. We give ourselves to sharing up-to-date and upcoming events in the health sector that will be tangible to meet the needs of inhabitants.

Our Vision

SNHM.org envisions a state where quality and affordable health care in California is within the reach of all in the state through this platform.

The Future

Healthcare should be readily available to people in whichever state they find themselves. It should be one of the priorities any government would hold high in the state. The future that holds in the health care system in California is hoped to be greater in the nearest future.

To get to the right destination we desire for ourselves on healthcare in California, we believe it is a consensus effort from all stakeholders including the government, non-profit organizations, and individuals that will help improve. This is partly what is needed to fight a common course to reach the Promised Land in our healthcare system in the state.

By joining forces together we know we should be able to:

  • Influence government decisions and policies to go on the side of the masses.
  • Help improve the price of accessing healthcare to make it affordable to all
  • Strengthen health care institutions that have the needs of the people at heart.
  • This is what SNHM.org dreams of and believes together we can make happen.