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SNHM.org is a website dedicated to healthcare information about California State. Our website aims at providing readers useful healthcare digest that will help them get a better understanding of the healthcare system in California.


Through our website, We believe that affordable health care in California should be accessible to everyone.


Affordable healthcare is what the average American voted for and wants the government should make available for all.


To serve everyone interested in the health care system in California to have a full grasp of what is on the ground.


Healthcare should be readily available. It should be one of the priorities any government would hold high in the state.

Improving Healthcare Cost And Quality: The CalPERS Health

CalPERS (California Public Employee Retirement System) is the body saddled with the responsibility and management of health care benefits for retirees and employees in California State. The services of the organization may also accommodate public agencies and school districts. Currently, the health system caters for about 1.4 million people with an annual budget within the $9 billion mark.

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Catholic Medical System And Dignity

The news has long been broken about the merger plans of Catholic Medical Initiatives (CHI) and Dignity Health. Organizations have good reasons for mergers. The most of it is to expand, improve services and have a good standing economically. There is nothing much different in the merger of these two healthcare giants in the US who have their roots in the Church.

Recent Articles

California Nearly Halves Its Maternal Death Rate

Not so much about the maternal death rate is talked about in the US. It can shock some to know what the record holds in America. The rate of maternal death has continued to increase in The United States more than what obtains in other developed nations of the world. According to the record put forward by the Center for…

Helping Kids In Disaster Situation: Exploring Biometric Fingerprinting Tool

A chemical test that reveals the genetic makeup of a living organism including humans is the DNA fingerprinting. The result is useful to identify bodies, track blood relations and used as evidence in courts among other functions of the technology. Simply put, your fingerprint can reveal who you truly are. It only takes a scan to know who you are….

The Merger Between ICU Medical Healthcare And Smiths Collapse

The merger was meant to result in a $9 billion-plus company but it never happened. This would have given a stronger boost to healthcare in California and the US if the deal has stood. Smith’s Group Plc, a British engineering company and its US-based counterpart, ICU Medical Inc. had been on a merger talks for a while now but it…

Congress Decision May Affect Illegal Immigrant

There has been a strong push by Trump’s administration to see an end to the popular ObamaCare bill. The fact that the current administration does not already have one on the ground as a replacement has caused things to drag on the replacement push.

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