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Kenlee Mae

The staff of Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital congratulate Kendra and Kyler on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Kenlee Mae.

Born: September 2, 2012 12:21 am

Weight: 8 pounds 0 ounces

Length: 20.5 inches

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Kendra and Kyler have chosen the name Kenlee Mae for their beautiful new daughter

Origin: English
Original Meaning: "Royal meadow"

Market Basket:

  • Loaf of Bread: $2.49
  • Gallon of Milk: $3.85
  • First Class Stamp: $0.45
  • Gallon of gasoline: $4.15
  • New Car: $21750.00
  • Average New Home: $320000.00
  • Hospital Room: $0.00


  • Grass Valley: 13000
  • U.S. Population: 312383898

Today's Weather:

  • Sunrise: :00 am
  • Sunset: :00 pm
  • Local high: 87 degrees F
  • Local low: 53 degrees F
  • The nation's weather extremes were 112 degrees recorded at Tacna, Ariz. and 23 at Stanley, Idaho

Dow Jones:

  • Dow Jones:

Other Interesting People Born on this Date:

  • 1915 - A. G. Spalding - American baseball Hall of Famer and founder of the sporting goods manufacturing company that bears his name.
  • 1948 - Christa McAuliffe - American teacher selected to be the first civilian in space who perished aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger.
  • 1948 - Terry Bradshaw - National Football League quarterback who led the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl victories in a span of six years.

Other Notable Events on this Day in History:

  • 1775 - America's first warship, the Hannah, was commissioned by General George Washington.
  • 1901 - In a speech before the Minnesota State Fair, soon-to-be President Teddy Roosevelt declared his intention to maintain a strong foreign policy, stating that the U.S. will "speak softly and carry a big stick."
  • 1945 - The deck of the battleship U.S.S. Missouri was the scene of Japan's signing surrender documents and the official end to World War II.
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