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A few words about pain

People once felt that pain was just something they had to live with. That is no longer true. Our goal is to prevent or relieve pain so you can be comfortable in your everyday life. When pain is controlled, you can heal faster, feel better, get back to exercise sooner and anticipate better results.

Medications to help manage pain can be administered orally, by injection, through skin patches and by intravenous pumping. Sometimes pain can be relieved with procedures that don’t involve medications, including massage, hot or cold packs, positioning, splinting, relaxation, prayer, positive thinking techniques or even music or other pastimes that distract you.

It’s important that you let us know the kind of pain your may be feeling. Our nurses will be asking you to rate your pain on a scale of 0 to 10:

  • 0 is no pain
  • 5 is moderate
  • 10 is the worst possible pain

Please use this method to let us know how you are feeling, so we can help you. Then tell us if the medications we provide are working.

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